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The Reason Why Dr Nwobodo Asked Chief Mbazulike to Keep Quiet

 INTRO: The war of words between Chief Mbazulike Amechi, a First Republic Aviation Minister, and Dr. Jim Nwobodo, a Second Republic Governor of the Old Anambra State, reached a crescendo with Dr. Nwobodo telling Chief Amechi to keep quiet and respect his age. It all started when Chief Amechi criticized the Governors of the South East States as weak. Dr. Nwobodo, maybe because he was involved replied Chief Amechi in defence of the Governors saying that they were “agile”. In his reaction to Dr Nwobodo, Chief Amechi described Dr Nwobodo as inconsistent a politician and the origin of the problem between the North and the East in Nigeria, and Nwobodo told him to keep quiet and respect his age.

The Reason Why Mbazulike Amechi Said Nwobodo Should Not Be Taken Serious Politically

 INTRO: The reading public in Nigeria were stunned with the war of words between the two respected golden Nigeria politicians, Chief Mbazulike Amechi (a First Republic Aviation Minister), and Dr Jim Nwobodo (a Second Republic Governor of the Old Anambra State). The clash started when the time-honoured statesman, Mbazulike Amechi blasted the South East Governors as weak, and Dr Nwobodo replied in their defence. Angered by the reply, Chief Amechi dismissed Nwobodo as not to be taken seriously politically.