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Six (6) Reasons for High Unemployment Rate in Nigeria

INTRO: Unemployment has been a recurrent issue in the Nigerian economic discussion due to the alarming percentage of the unemployed in the country. Report by the Bureau of Statistics has it that 38% of the population of Nigeria that falls within the employable age are unemployed and 65% of Nigerian youth face unemployment as at September 2016. Simply put, unemployment could be seen as the  condition of people who are without jobs. It is what exists when members of the labour force are fit and wish to work but cannot get jobs.

Unemployment has different forms such as Frictional Unemployment (a short period between ones old job and the new one), Structural Unemployment ( a mismatch between skill and vacancy), Cyclical/Seasonal Unemployment (employment pattern that follows the rise and fall in demand and supply of the products and services of the recruiting industries due to season or economic dynamics), Technological Unemployment (replacing men with machines), and Chronic Unemployment (…

Six (6) Unusual Reasons Your Adsense Application is Repeatedly Denied Approval

INTRO:  Google Adsense in one of the easiest ways to make money online, but it is often times difficult to secure approval for the programme. Google has in place a lot of conditionalities which a publisher must meet in order to join the community. Those conditionalities are the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions, and Programme Policies. Very popular among the publishers, they range from laws against piracy, through morally questionable contents to unethical traffic sources. But it surprises many publishers that after painstaking efforts in observing the rules, Google still deny them permission into Google Ads publishing community. From careful study and frustrating experience, we have been able to identify "unusual" reasons for the rejection of Google Adsense application as listed below:

1)The Use of Google Sample Templates: I found this out by experience. I had made conscious efforts in observing Google Adsense Programme Policies, but I did not know that using the sample …