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Five (5) Simple Reasons Citizens Pay Tax

INTRO: The history of taxation is age-long, dating back to 3000 – 2800 BC in ancient Egypt. Tax by definition is a charge (money, in the modern times), imposed by authority on persons, businesses and sales for public use. Oftentimes, tax is seen as a bad and exploitative instrument which government uses to deprive the citizenry of their hard-earned money. In spite of this negative perception, tax remains a civic duty that every citizen must perform so that the state could reciprocate with rights and privileges. There are several reasons for which citizens pay tax. For instance:
1/ Citizens Pay Tax to Enable the Government Provide Public Services:Public services are range of utilities that only the government can offer at prices with little or no profit, such as security, education, communication and health services. Governments provide these services to the citizens using the tax-payers’ money. Paying taxes simply puts more money in the public coffers for those services, and also justi…