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Six (6) Reasons for Studying Political Science

INTRO: Political Science is the king of sciences. Aristotle called it the master science. It is simply the systematic study of power acquisition, power exercise, and power consolidation in the state. From the definition above, it is observable that Political Science amounts to a nullity without power at the centre of the circle of the discipline. Students of Political Science have often times been faced with the question of why they study Political Science. Below are some of the reasons for the study of Political Science.
1/ We study Political Science in order to be better citizens: This is the basic reason for studying Political Science. Leadership and followership training are in the domain of Political Science. Political Science in this way, stands out as the most relevant agent of political socialization, molding the citizenry to be better participants in res publica. This explains why Political Science calls herself the only institution for qualitative leadership training.
2/ We st…