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Five (5) Reasons Why the RPM of Your Adsense Account has Reduced

INTRO:  RPM in full is Revenue Per Mille (The word, "mille" has French roots, meaning thousand. It is contained in some English words such as millennium, meaning a thousand years). RPM is all about the amount of money that you will earn from  each 1000 views (impressions) of the ads on your website. If you see for instance, $5 as your RPM on your Adsense Dashborad, it means that you will earn the equivalent amount with a thousand ad impressions on your website. But then, you noticed that your RPM has reduced to a pitiable level, or that it is constantly reducing and you want to know the reason. There are several reasons for the reduction of your RPM, and below are some of the reasons.

1)Social Media Traffics: This is unbelievable but it is true! Traffics from social media such as Facebook sends RPM of Adsense accounts crashing.  The reason is not far-fetched. Social media traffic is less reputable in the blogworld. It could easily be sent in swarms into a website.  Google di…