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Three (3) Reasons Why Lovers Undergo Blood Test before Marriage

INTRO: They call it pre-wedding blood test. Having decided to say: I do, lovers choose to undergo blood tests in hospitals and laboratories due to a litany of reasons. Good number of these reasons are quite controversial and contestable on religious and social grounds, but knowing the reasons is sacrosanct for making informed decisions, or for giving valuable advice.

1/ Lovers Undergo Pre-wedding Blood Test to Confirm Fertility: The social, psychological and biological implications of infertility is devastating. This forces lovers to subject themselves to fertility tests before taking the plunge into the lifelong marital adventure. While it has been argued in some quarters that the test is not necessary given the fact that it is God that shows mercy, early diagnosis of fertility problems makes timely intervention possible.

2/ Lovers Undergo Pre-wedding Blood Test to Prevent Sickle Cell Disease: This disease is a chronic blood disease which attacks the red blood cells that normally are shaped like discs, making them to look like crescents or sickles (hence, the name sickle cell). The abnormal shape of the blood cells affects their ability to pass through tiny blood vessels to supply oxygen to cells and tissue. Pre-wedding blood tests will prevent occasions of giving birth to a child with the disease especially when the test is followed up with professional advice from the medical personnel for or against the proposed marriage.

3/  Lovers Undergo Pre-wedding Blood Test Check HIV/AIDS and other STDs: Majority of all the sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, etc. are especially in their early stages only detectable through medical tests. Lovers undergo tests finding their status in those diseases in order to avoid further spread of the disease to their spouse or children.