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Three (3) Simple Reasons for Proving the Existence of God

INTRO: God is a spirit. Nobody has seen him face to face. This has cast doubt about His existence in the minds of the people. Some people that believed, later began to falter in their belief in the existence of God because of their various life experience. I was once among the latter group until recently when I found reasons that proved the existence of God to me. They are as follows:

1) Duality of Life: I observed our world and found out that there were two sides of virtually everything in it - day and night, black and white, man and woman, birth and death, good and bad, and now, God and Satan. Majority of the people that don't believe in God, believe in the reality of Satan because they see magicians for instance employing satanic powers in a broad day light to pull their stunts, and evil ones using it to destroy their targets at will. Going by the duality of life, at the polar opposite of the satanic powers sits the power of God; therefore, there is God.

2) Orderliness of the Universe: The universe is too orderly for coincidence. It is by providence. The Solar System, Galaxies, Nabulae, time and seasons, etc follow a very consistent pattern. In their nature, they profess the existence of a supernatural intelligent being as a designer. The designer is God.

3) Hierarchism: This argument focuses on ranking. In every sphere of life, there are ranks. Equality is utopian. Even in the "Animal Farm," it was later discovered that though all animals were equal, some were more equal than others. We are therefore living in the world of ranks: Good - better - best; powerful - more powerful - most powerful; etc. In the ranks of beings (human and spiritual), at the top of the triangle is a being, and the being is God.


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