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16 Medical and Common Reasons for Adult Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a baptismal name for urinating while asleep in bed. It is also known as nocturnal enuresis in a bogus grandiloquent parlance. This singular act is common in children. In other words, it is normal in children in a way that a French could nod and say: C’est normal. But when a grown person between the ages of ten and above continues to bedwet, a typical French won’t have the guts to say that it is normal. 

In my neighbourhood, there is a case where a married man has bedwetted since childhood. Hey! Don’t think it, his wife abides by her marital vows: for better or worse’ and gives the hubby diapers.

The medical reasons for such ugly condition according to Philips include:

1. Genetics. One of the first places to look for causes of urinary incontinence is whether there is a family history of bedwetting. Checklist question: Did or does any of the bed-wetter’s parents bed-wetted? If yes, then, eureka!

2. Urinary tract infection (UTI). This a case where the urethra, the urino-genital…