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Seven (7) Reasons for Colonialism in Nigeria

INTRO: Colonialism is a consistent theme in the history of Africa. It laces through the formative tapestry of the majority of African states today; Nigeria inclusive. Colonialism as a concept could be seen from different perspectives. Generally however, it may be defined as the practice or policy of controling a weaker nation by a stronger nation especially for socio-economic and political gains. The territory known today as Nigeria was colonized by Britain. The reasons for the colonization of Nigeria are  simply the same with the rest of African countries.

In his masterpiece, "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa," Walter Rodney stated that Europe came to Africa with three Bs: Business, Bible and Bullet. These items represent perfectly the reasons for the notorious European incursion into the pristine and tranquil African continent, which are broadly categorized as economic, socio-political and religious reasons.

A.Economic Reasons

1)Search for Raw Material: The migration to new…