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Six (6) Moral and Medical Reasons Why Abortion Should Never be Chosen

INTRO: Abortion has been defined as the accidental or deliberate destruction of pregnancy before the birth is due. Several reasons have been floated in support of abortion; most of them are medical while others are social. Some of the reasons for abortion include: Abnormal progress of pregnancies, fetal abnormalities, maternal medical conditions, unwillingness to be a single mother, pregnancy resulting from rape, child abuse or incest, etc. The one million dollar question here is, are the reasons reasonable? The answer is negative and monosyllabic. Deliberate abortions can never be justified judging from the moral and medical reasons listed below:
11. Abortion is an Act of Murder: It has been proved that right from fertilization, life has started in a typical foetus in the womb. Destroying the foetus by implication is assassination. The Fifth Commandment we all know is quite vocal on this: “Thou shall not kill.” As an abortionist, there is no difference between you and a convicted murderer. Yours is even the worse because you roam the streets instead of prison yards having killed a weakling that cannot be able to sue you. Abortionists should please, fear God.
22. Abortion is Against the Golden Rule: The Golden Rule establishes that you should do unto others as you would like to have them do unto you. I wouldn’t want to remind you that you were once in the womb and nobody killed you, and now why should you decide to kill? Even as an adult now, I am sure as hell that you don’t even want to die; that is the more reason you should not kill. Abortion by every scale of measurement is against natural justice, equity and good conscience. You are not even justified for abortion even if the doctor says your life is at stake. Is the doctor God? Aren’t you not going to die for the love of your child?
33. Abortion Could Lead to Death: It will be the greatest joke of the year if for instance, an abortion is committed to “save” the life of the abortionist and then the abortionist dies. Satan I bet will give such a person a very warm welcome befitting a serial murderer (having killed the baby and herself) into hell fire. Cases abound where abortions went awry. You may not be able to predict your fate; therefore, forebear from abortion.
44. Abortion Causes Infertility: This is not surprising. If abortion pills or injection could be able to destroy a foetus, the damage that it could at the same time inflict on the womb is better imagined than described. The choice of abortion can obliterate your dream of future conception permanently, leaving you with all the attendant social humiliation that follow barrenness. Kindly play on the side of caution.
55. Abortion Leads to Depression, Regret and Substance Abuse: Regrets and depression that follow abortion are fertile breeding grounds for substance abuse in the attempt to let bygone be bygone. The sad truth is that he who murders sleep can sleep no more. Futile efforts to shake off the guilt of abortion could worsen the substance abuse, pushing the person to the cliff of insanity.
66. Abortion Makes One Unworthy of God’s Blessings: By abortion, one treats God’s blessing as a curse. Misfortunes, accidents, and other similar ill-fates have hit known abortionists. I bet that you don’t doubt the reality of Karma. Come to think of it, while couples jostle for adoption, you are considering abortion. Kindly have a rethink.      


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