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6 (six) Reasons Which Causes Mozilla Firefox to Crash Always

Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser used by many internet users. It is a very embarrassing experience to have your browser crashed while you surf. The Mozilla Support captured it thus: "There's never a good time for a crash, and when Firefox crashes in the middle of something important it can be really frustrating." 

The browser can crash while you surf the net for a variety of reasons:

1. Outdated Firefox: It the browser is out of date, it could start crashing every now and then. To update your browser, Click the menu button, click help  and select About Firefox. You can equally try resetting the browser.

2. Outdated plugins: Your browser could be crashing incessantly if your browser's plugins are out of date. To verify, go to Mozilla Plugin Check page online and follow the links to update any plugins that are out of date.

3. Outdated Windows: The crashing of your Mozilla Firefox browser could be traceable to your outdated windows OS. Check  the Start menu, select All Programs and then Windows Update.

4. Outdated Drivers: If your printer and graphic drivers are out of date, it could lead to crashes of your browser. Check your printer driver and graphics drivers are up-to-date.

5. Hardware Acceleration: Your browser could also crash if the Hardware Acceleration is enabled. The Firefox’s hardware acceleration feature uses your computer’s graphics card to render text and objects on web pages. This speeds up web page rendering and takes some load off your CPU. However, hardware acceleration can cause problems with some graphics drivers and graphics cards. You can determine whether hardware acceleration is the problem by disabling it. To do so, click the Firefox button and select Options. Click the Advanced icon and uncheck the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox.

6. Malwares: These are dangerous softwares in a computer. They include viruses and spywares. Malwares could cause the browser to crash. If Firefox is regularly crashing, scan your computer with an antivirus program.